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NAME:  This Associations shall be named and known as the Henderson Country Club Ladies' Association, by which it will conduct its business.


PURPOSE:  The purpose of this Association is the promotion of the interest of golf in Henderson and the surrounding area, the holding of championship tournaments and the encouragement of tournament play.


MANAGEMENT:  The control of the Association and its affairs shall be entrusted to a Board of Directors.  This Board shall consist of a President, Vice-President, Secretary, Treasurer, 9 Hole Chairman & Sundowner Chairman.  If a vacancy occurs on the Board of Directors, the remaining Directors shall appoint someone to fill this unexpired term.


DUTIES OF THE OFFICERS:  The President shall preside at all meetings of the Association.  The Association will hold two meetings annually (Spring & Fall Banquets).  Prizes will be awarded at the Fall banquet.  The President shall call special meetings when requested to do so for Association business.  She shall appoint the following committee chairs and other chairs she considers necessary:
   Championship Tournaments
   Handicap Tournament
   Audubon Classic Chair

The Vice-President shall in the absence of the President, perform the duties of such.  She shall also promote tournaments at home and away.  In addition, she shall be chairman of the Budget Committee which will include the Treasurer and anyone else appointed.  She shall be responsible for purchasing and presenting a gift, not to exceed $30.00, to the outgoing president.

The Treasurer shall keep a roll of the membership, collect all monies due to the Association and dispense the Associations funds under the direction of the Board.  She shall deposit all funds in the name of the Association.  She shall report in the writing states of the finances when requested to do so by the Board, and at the Association meetings, she shall present a written report showing all receipts and disbursements of the preceding calendar year. 

The 9 Hole Chairman shall appoint committee chairman. She shall call a meeting of the 9 Hole golfers when necessary. 

The Sundowner Chairman shall appoint committee chairman. She shall call a meeting of the Sundowner golfers when necessary 


MEMBERSHIP & DUES:  Membership dues must be paid up to date before competing in any Association play.  Amount of the dues are $30.00; five dollars which is set aside for a Hole in One Insurance Fund. This Hole in One Fund is not to exceed $500.00 at the beginning of each year.  Any excess will be transferred to the General Fund.  Dues paid after May 31st will be $35.00 which includes a $5.00 late fee. 


RULES OF COMPETITION:  USGA Rules will govern all weekly play and tournaments with exceptions listed on local club rules or  on score card.

All competition for Ladies Day prizes must be played on Ladies Day.  Tuesday is designated Ladies Day.  In the event that a Holiday necessitates the Club be closed on Tuesday, Ladies' Day will be considered to fall on Wednesday of that week.  When Ladies Day falls on Wednesday, the monthly chairman shall reserve a sufficient number of tee times for the Association and players will play within appointed times.  Should rain prevent tee-off at regular time on Ladies Day, the President and monthly Director together have the option of declaring Ladies Day to be played on the following day. 

9 Holers and Sundowners will comprise separate divisions and will play on Tuesday with the same exceptions listed above.  Maximum  handicap is 36 for the 18 Hole group and unlimited for the 9 Hole and Sundowners.

Tee off time for weekly competition will be 9 am for the 18 Hole group and 8:30 am for the 9 Hole group.  Sundowners may set tee times annually according to the needs of that group.  Ladies Day competition is a shot-gun start with drawn playing partners except during Handicap & Championship Tournaments and when Ladies Day falls on Wednesday.  Tournaments scores on Ladies Day may be used for weekly competition.

 Weekly play will continue during the Handicap Tournament.  Members may not win more than one prize per month for a regular Ladies Day event.  If team play is used, a member may win a second time as a member of a team. 

Competition scores must by dated and signed by scorekeeper, and attested by another Association member playing in the same group. 

Starting in 2009, as approved by the Association,  The 18 Hole Ladies Club Championship will be played in conjunction with the Men's Club Championship and the tournament will be run by the Henderson Country Club.     Although the championship will be open to all club members - the prizes set aside for the 18 Hole Championship tournament when dues are paid will be awarded to Association members based on how members of the Association place.

The Club Championship of the 9 Hole Division and Sundowner Division will be Medal stroke play with a 2 day pre-flighted tournament.  The tournaments will be held on a Tuesday and Wednesday in August of each year as scheduled by these groups.

Sheets will be posted for sign up for these championship tournaments and the Handicap tournament.  A member not signing up to play in these events will not be called and will not be paired.  Pairings will be made in accordance with USGA rules and these by-laws.  Tournament Chairman will be responsible for posting the rules of play.  Any first or second place ties will be decided by play-off.

The Handicap Tournaments will be played starting the first Tuesday in July.

The Handicap Tournament will be match play and pairings will be made according to USGA format.  The number of brackets will depend on the number of players.  Play will be on Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday of the same week with the tournament continuing in that manner until completed.  The 9-Holers and Sundowners will have option to set their dates of play on Tuesday, Wednesday or the same week and continue in that format until completed.

 Winner of the Most Improved Player in the 18 Hole, 9 Hole and Sundowner groups will be members of the Ladies Association who have turned in 5 scores for the current season.  The prizes for Most Improved in the 9-Hole and Sundowners groups will be computed using the formula published in the Golf Digest in January 1974.  The 18 Hole Most Improved Player will be computed by GHIN.  HCC handicap established prior to the first of May each year will be the beginning handicap.  The ending handicap will be the one made between August 31 and September 15 of the same year. 

All putts must be putted in to the hole.  No gimmes and do not rake putts during competition play.


DISTRIBUTION OF DUES:   Dues money is to be allocated on the following percentage basis: 

Championship Tourney
Handicap Tourney
Most Improved
Miscellaneous Expense
Weekly Prizes