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Men's Club

Henderson Country Club

Men’s Club

By Laws


The Henderson Country Club Men’s Club is in place to provide fun tournaments to its members throughout the golf season.  These tournaments are designed to be played along with the normal game of a group. 


The members of the Mens Club shall meet twice each year.  The first meeting will be in April before the opening scramble.  The second meeting will be in October before the closing scramble.  These meetings are designed to make any needed changes to the structure of the club.  The fall meeting will hold an election for the president.


The president of the Men’s Club shall be voted on by its members.  His responsibility is to work with the golf professional to design the schedule of events for the year.  He is also responsible for the management of the finances and bank account.  A check shall be written to the golf professional each month equal to the amount of golf shop credit that has been awarded.


Membership dues of $60 must be paid to the golf professional before the opening meeting.  Dues must be in the form of cash or check.  Dues will be collected and given to the president for deposit into the bank account. 


Members wishing to compete in a weekly game must turn in their scorecard at the completion of play.  The scores and name of player must be legible on the card.  The tees played must be marked so that the player is placed in the proper division. Teams that need players will have them blind drawn at the completion of play by a member of the professional staff.  Questions regarding tournament format should be directed to the staff.  A scoresheet will be hung on the scoreboard announcing the game for that week.  Make sure you turn your scorecard in each week regardless of how good or bad you played.  The staff will figure all the results for the tournament.  Results will be posted in the golf shop and in the newspaper.


The Men’s Club has two separate divisions.  Players competing from the white tees compete against all other white tee players.  Players competing from the gold tees compete against all other gold tee players.


Any member age 64 years of age or younger must play the white tees.  Members 65 years of age or older have the option to play the white or gold tees.  The tees you select determine in which division you will compete.  Please mark your scorecard accordingly.  This helps the professional staff place players in their proper division. 


Your official USGA handicap is the handicap used for the Men’s Club.  Scores turned in for Men’s Club events will be posted by the professional staff. 

 Henderson Cup

The Charles Earl Cup is a yearlong points race.  Players will receive points based on how they finish each week.  First place is worth 3 pts, second is worth 2 pts, and third is worth 1pt.  These points are awarded for both gross and net finishers when applicable.  The overall winner of the points race will receive a $100 gift certificate at the closing scramble.  The opening and closing scramble are not included in the Charles Earl Cup.  Results will be posted each week in the golf shop.