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1.       All members and their guests must register in the golf shop before playing a round of golf.  At this time they will be given a starting time (No one may play golf without a starting time; starting times must be obtained for multiple rounds).  All play must start on hole #1 unless otherwise directed by the professional staff.  All players must record his or her score on the provided handicap computer in the golf shop at the completion of a round. The professional staff reserves the right to post a lower score if this is not done.  The USGA allows 9 or 18 hole scores to be posted.

2.   On the golf course dress must be consistent with prevailing golf attire, in good taste, and subject to the approval of the golf professional, but in no case shall include jeans, t-shirts, cut-offs, halter tops, tank tops, and bathing attire.  Anyone using the pool facilities must change before using any of the golf course facilities.  Children under 8 years of age are exempt from the above dress code rules.  The golf course includes the driving range, the practice putting green, as well as the 18-hole golf course. It is the responsibility of the member to make sure their guests are aware of proper attire. 

Guests, not to exceed three in number, may play a maximum of five times per year.  More than three guests may be permitted at the discretion of the professional.  Non-escorted guest are permitted to play but must be a member of another recognized club.  The professional must be contacted prior to their arrival.  They may not play on weekends, holidays, or before 10am on weekdays without permission from the golf professional.  House guests (defined as persons that live outside of adjacent counties to Henderson) may enjoy club privileges for 3 weeks at a time.  This may not total more than 5 weeks in a calendar year. 
Guest Fees:  
Weekdays $29
Weekends $39
Weekly Guest (Includes cart and range) $125
Junior Guest Fee (17 and under) $20
Offseason Guest Fee (Nov. 1st-April 1st) $20

4.   Social members may play golf 5 times per year.  They will be charged the appropriate guest and cart fee. 

Players must allow faster groups to play through if there is an open hole in front.  If appropriate, the group should play through at the green.  After the slower group has hit onto the green, their ball should be marked allowing the faster group to play through.  This is mandatory for all foursomes.  Please report any violation of this rule to the professional staff at the completion of holes 9 or 18.  Foursomes have priority on the course at all times but may allow twosomes and threesomes to play through as a courtesy. 

6.   No one shall hit into the group in front of them.  Every effort must be made to make sure the landing area is clear.  Please make sure a member of your group rings the bell on hole #12 to notify the group on the tee they are clear to hit. 

Groups may not consist of more than four players without permission from the professional staff.  More than four may be permitted but only during extremely slow times. 

No more than 2 carts per foursome are permitted unless approved by the professional staff. 

9.   Please obey the cart rules for the day if applicable.  Carts must exit to the path prior to reaching the orange line that stretches across the approach.  Flags may be obtained from the golf shop allowing golfers with health problems to drive closer to the green.  Carts with flags must still remain 10 feet from the green.  This exception does not apply when carts are restricted to the path only.  Carts must remain on paths only on all par 3s. 

Pull carts are permitted but may not be taken across greens, tee boxes, or bunkers.

All divots must be replaced or filled with sand, ball marks must be repaired, and bunkers must be raked.  Rakes should be left in the flat area of the bunker.  Broken tees should be placed in the appropriate boxes on all par 3s. 

All liquid refreshments must be purchased from the 19th hole.  Coolers are available. 

Players stopping to eat lunch after hole 9 must instruct following groups to play through.  Stopping for lunch gives up your position on the course.  You must wait for the next available opening to resume your round. 


The course and practice areas are closed to members on Mondays (or Tuesday following a holiday) before 4pm unless otherwise posted.  Members may use the course and practice green after 4pm unless there is an outing (applicable after holidays).

Men may not start play until 11am on Tuesday.  Ladies may not start play until 11am on Thursday.  Exceptions by the professional staff will be made during slower times.  Children under 17 must have approval to play from the golf shop.


Members have four options pertaining to cart use.       
  a.  Own or share their own cart that is stored at the club and pay a cart storage fee
Own their own cart that stays at home and pay a rolling fee
Rent a cart owned by the club
Pay a rental fee and ride in a personal cart
Cart Rental Fee  
Storage Fee $45/month
Shared Storage Fee $30 ea./month
Rolling Fee $40/month
Second Cart Rolling Fee $25/month

2.   All carts must have a numbered sticker obtained from the golf shop.  Carts without a sticker will not be permitted on the course.  Members driving personal carts on the course that do not pay rolling fees will automatically be billed the appropriate monthly fee. 

3.  Children under 14 years of age are not permitted to drive carts.  Juniors renting club owned carts must possess a valid driver’s license. 

Any issue with a cart stored in the cart barn or the cart barn itself should be reported to the golf professional. 


1.  Member should report a violation to the professional staff in a timely manner.

The professional staff is to ask for the violating member’s compliance.

If resolution is not reached, the matter will be turned over to the golf committee and board.  The board reserves the right to take appropriate action deemed necessary including termination of membership.